Advocacy and Vaping - The Rising Industry Under Threat

Advocacy and Vaping - The Rising Industry Under Threat

The e-commerce vaporizer market is relatively new to me, and I've learned a lot as I've built this site. One of the foremost lessons: there's a ton of institutional resistance to vaping. Compared of other e-commerce fields, of which I've had nearly a decade of experience in, the barriers to entry are astronomical. Just setting up a simple e-commerce store can cost thousands of dollars and weeks of clearing thru the debris of regulation. 

On the one hand, I can understand relatively difficult hurdles in the nicotine ingestion industry, but when you look at overall trends, I'm very concerned with overzealous government oversight of our growing industry and their clearly distorted view of vaping. 

There is a lot of scientific uncertainty about the health impact that vaping can have on humans, it's a new industry, and it will take time to properly study the impacts. That said, it's hard to argue that vaping isn't a better alternative to smoking cigarettes, despite the Tobacco Industry sponsored studies that often paint a different picture. As we see looming bans, restrictions and new taxation, I urge any vape enthusiast joins the Consumer Advocates for Smoke Free Alternatives Association. I strongly support their fight, and they're clearly one of the best resources out there to join the fight. 

Now, here's Samuel L. Jackson confirming that he is, in fact, one of us


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